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Plumbers in My House

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I used to have much trepidation when craftsman came to my house. I used to think they were trying to rip me off, I used to worry that they were incompetent and I was always on the lookout to make sure everything went well. Over the years I developed a sense of what to look for when these people came into my house... the characteristics that I'd like to see.

Do they communicate to me what the job is and tell me how they're going to go about doing it? Do they include me in the process? I need to know that they are not just here to make a buck but to make me happy with the job they do. I want to know that they are professional and polite and efficient.

When they do start working do they let me talk to them while they're working? Do they include me, at least a little bit, in the process of the job? How do they react when I make suggestions as to what I want done? Are they patient and polite or are they short tempered? If the job takes more than one day am I able to reach them on the phone? Do they call me back promptly? And when I look at the work they're doing does it look correct? Does it look like they know what they're doing? Does it make sense?

All these things are important to me before I give anybody a check in payment.

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